The Buried Plymouth with Sanford Miles

Debut author Sanford Miles will be at Magic City Books on Friday, Sept. 22 at 7 P.M. and

Tulsa Historical Society & Museum

Saturday, Sept. 23 at 11 A.M

for two book launch events celebrating his new book, The Buried Plymouth – A Story Unearthed in Tulsa.

A number of historical items surrounding the 1957 Plymouth Burial – part of Tulsarama! and Oklahoma’s semi-centennial celebration – will be on display. It’s even possible that some participants from the 2007 unearthing and the original burial in ’57 (all characters in the The Buried Plymouth) will be here, as well!

Copies of the book will be available for signing by the author and his guests.

A 1957 Plymouth “clone” will be at the museum. The perfect photo op! 


About The Buried Plymouth – A Story Unearthed in Tulsa
Christine, written many moons ago by best-selling author Stephen King, is a story about a 1958 Plymouth with killer tailfins and a personality to match.

The Buried Plymouth – A Story Unearthed in Tulsa, written by newcomer Sanford Miles (a big fan of Mr. King’s), is a story about a spanking new ’57 Plymouth Belvedere – the first of its generation of aircraft-inspired models – with those same killer tailfins . . . but a much gentler ladylike disposition.

And though each femme fatale shares a loyal lover’s embrace – in the end, both Plymouths were left for dead; the difference being that The Buried Plymouth is for real.

A retired NYC English teacher and first-time novelist, Sanford Miles recalls surfing the internet many years ago and coming across a strange pronouncement: TWO YEARS AND TWO MONTHS UNTIL SHE’S UNEARTHED! and he thought, “Until who’s unearthed?”

That got his engine started.

Buried as a time capsule on the grounds of the Tulsa County Courthouse in Oklahoma for the state’s 50th anniversary in 1957, the gold-and-white Plymouth, dubbed Miss Belvedere, had a number of things buried with her – but not all of it was on the record.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, one man, Jacob Duncan, would bury something in the Plymouth that could stun the world with its historical significance and potential value in the millions . . . if it’s survived when it’s unearthed for Oklahoma’s 100th birthday in 2007.

“Like Christine,” said Miles, who owns Mr. Belvedere, a clone of the Tulsa time capsule, “Miss Belvedere has a very dark past – literally in this case – but it, too, has secrets, including one that only her lover knows about.” And like Arnie Cunningham, Christine’s lovestruck owner in Stephen King’s thriller, Jacob Duncan has a few other pressing issues to deal with. (Like all of us, doncha know.)

Buried during a time when Elvis was King, everybody liked Ike, the Russians were about to launch a dog into space, Dr. Seuss put a cat in a hat, and educational and racial barriers were on the verge of being smashed in Little Rock, Arkansas, The Buried Plymouth is a saga about a special family, a special town, and a magical car.

And about having faith in your dreams – even if they’re made up of mechanical parts.

More about the author, the book, and the replica car at

Tulsa Historical Society & Museum
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