Five nights each June, as the crickets chatter and the wind blows the summer heat into the Arkansas, Tulsa celebrates its annual Chautauqua. Like apparitions from the past, figures emerge from history, come to the Chautauqua tent, settle upon the Chautauqua stage and talk. Re-enacted by humanities scholars, Chautauqua characters carry us into the very heart of history. We experience their joys and sorrows, envision their lives and times, hear the voices of the past.

Enhance Chautauqua with a picnic! Bring a blanket and enjoy the lawn and gardens. Wine and beer are permitted.

2019 Characters & Scholars:

Meet Francisco Pizarro presented by scholar Hank Fincken; Bartolome de las Casas presented by scholar Paul Vickery; Elizabeth Catlett presented by scholar Ilene Evans; Ernest “Che” Guevara presented by scholar Joey Madia; and Pablo Picasso presented by scholar Doug Mishler.

With these five characters we will explore our theme: “From Pizarro to Picasso: Hispanic Legacy in America Today.”

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12 noonPicasso & His Women – Doug Mishler
5:30pmMythopoetics and the Cult of Che – Joey Madia
7 pm tent – Francisco Pizarro portrayed by Hank Fincken

12 noonThe Legacy of Elizabeth Catlett – Ilene Evans
5:30pmPeru Today – Hank Fincken
7 pm tent – Bartolome de las Casas portrayed by Paul Vickery

12 noonGuevara, Boal, and Freire: A Trinity for Change – Joey Maida
5:30pmPicasso in Art/Picasso & More – Doug Mishler
7 pm tent – Elizabeth Catlett portrayed by Ilene Evans

12 noonThe Columbian Exchange – Paul Vickery
5:30pmOur Proper Sphere: The Changing Role of Women in America – Ilene Evans
7 pm tent – Ernest “Che” Guevara portrayed by Joey Madia

12 noonTolerance: The New Intolerance – Hank Fincken
5:30pmThe Encomienda System – Paul Vickery
7pm tent – Pablo Picasso portrayed by Doug Mishler

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