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Five talented scholars deliver entertaining, insightful and educational historical presentations and workshops. Each scholar has extensively researched the famous, infamous or obscure visionary they portray, to realistically recount the lifetime experiences of these remarkable figures in period costumes.

Enhance Chautauqua with a picnic! Bring a blanket and enjoy the lawn and gardens. Wine and beer are permitted. 

Performances under the tent, 7:00 pm

Tuesday, June 6th: Elsa Wolff as Amelia Earhart

Wednesday, June 7th: Selene Philips as Pearl Carter Scott

Thursday, June 8th: Ilene Evans as Rose Cousins

Friday, June 9th: Karen Vuranch as Jackie Cochran

Saturday, June 10th: Doug Mishler as Chuck Yeager

Daily Workshops inside the building

Tuesday, June 6th:
Noon: Practicality Meets High Fashion – Women Aviation Uniforms by Selene Philips
5:30 pm: Fly Girls by Karen Vuranch

Wednesday, June 7th:
Noon: The Tuskegee Airmen Legacy: Black Wings in Blue Skies by Ilene Evans
5:30 pm: Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight into Mystery by Elsa Wolff

Thursday, June 8th:
Noon: Chuck Yeager, “The Beast” and Beyond by Doug Mishler
5:30 pm: Miles and Miles of Clear Oklahoma Skies by Selene Phillips

Friday, June 9th:
Noon: The Cold War and the Race for Space by Doug Misler
5:30 pm: The Mystery and Adventure of Flight by Ilene Evans

Saturday, June 10th:
Noon: Women Aviators of WWII: A Brief and Personal look at women pilots from Europe during the 2nd World War by Elsa Wolff
5:30 pm: Women of NASA by Karen Vuranch



Tulsa Historical Society & Museum