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Behind the Veil: Tulsa in the Twenties

Opening February 2024

Take a peek behind the veil and discover the culture, economy, and environment of Tulsa in the 1920s.

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April 2024 - April 2025

This exhibit looks back at some of the iconic restaurants that have served Tulsa over the years.

Oklahoma Impressions: Tulsa’s Artistic Heritage

October 2023 - October 2024

From subject matter to material to the city the artists called home, this exhibit is a small sampling of Tulsa's artistic heritage. 

Take a Bow: 50 Years of the American Theatre Company

Opening June 2023

For over 50 years, the American Theatre Company has produced high quality theatre productions.

Constructing Tulsa

Open through February 2024

This exhibit is a photographic exploration of how the city grew and developed from founding to present day.

A Century Later: Greenwood & the Tulsa Race Massacre


In the 100 years since the Tulsa Race Massacre, the Greenwood community and Tulsa as a whole have been through many changes. This exhibit examines the history of Greenwood both before and after 1921 and provides information and images of the Massacre.

ChronoTulsa: Timeline of Tulsa History


This exhibit provides a historical overview of Tulsa’s rich history. The timeline begins with the arrival of the Creek Indians who settled Tulsa in the 1830s and then covers many historically significant events and time periods that have affected the city’s development and helped shape the Tulsa of today.

Life of a House: History of the Travis Mansion


A series of photographs tells the history of the mansion the Historical Society now calls home. Images and information trace the changes in the structure from the early years when the Travis Family lived in the house through the purchase and recent renovation by THS.

TRIBUNE: The Story of a Newspaper


In 1919, Richard Lloyd Jones, Sr., moved his family from Wisconsin to Tulsa to purchase and operate The Tulsa Tribune newspaper. This exhibit highlights the Tribune’s story through the years as well as the three generations of the Lloyd Jones family that published the paper until its end in 1992.

Past Exhibits

Since the Tulsa Historical Society & Museum opened in its current location in 2005, staff have curated more than 130 exhibits both at the museum and other sites around Tulsa. This page provides an opportunity to explore many of those previous exhibitions.

The current exhibition schedule has been generously sponsored by:

Mervin Bovaird Foundation
Mary K. Chapman Foundation
E.L. & Thelma Gaylord Foundation
The Gelvin Foundation
Merkel Family Foundation
James D. & Cathryn M. Moore Foundation
The Oxley Foundation
Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
A.R. & Mary Louise Tandy Foundation
Robert S. & Helen Grey Trippett Foundation

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