Storyteller: Ward, Charles W.

Interviewer: Darrah, Jackie and Bertalot, Lorretta

Language: English

Initiative: Tulsans Talk

Description: Charles Ward tells of the Normandy Invasion, Awards presented by General Patton and smelly uniforms. He married Shirley after a 5 day courtship. His home was designed in a curve and he designed the TPS Service Center and the Parkland Plaza in the "toaster" style. He created pen and ink drawings of famous cathedrals. Charles and Shirley raised their two grandchildren. His tools of trade were the T Square and the Triangle. Charles received many honors from the U. S. Army, OU, Architectural Organization (AIA) , Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame, and France. He has them hanging in his home. where he still keeps his U. S. Army uniform. Jackie Darrah worked in an office near him and conducted the interview. His opening greeting is often "Did I tell you about my first night in Paris?"

Subjects: Normandy invasion, one uniform worn from June to Sept is smelly, General Patton presented his Silver Star, Architecture, grillwork styles and tools and awards, Pen and Ink drawings of cathedrals, Raising his two grandchildren, marrying Shirley after 5 days of courtship

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