Storyteller: Uncapher, Jere

Interviewer: Bertalot, Lorretta

Language: English

Initiative: Tulsans Talk

Description: History of Richard Mansfield Dickinson opening his home for production of a melodrama beginning in 1954. Jere's grandparents and mother worked there and he began as a teen to "learn the ropes." Georgia Noel was MC until 1977. Olio Variety Show was added, Cheryl Clay painted scenery. Olinka Hardy created 9 murals, the copies are hanging today. 1928 the building was created for a Piano Studio for the Patty Ann Shriner Piano School from 1929-1932. It was designed by Bruce Goff. The black and white windows are for holes in player piano rolls. Holland Hall rented the building 1938-9 when main campus was under construction. Dickinson School of Speech here 1942. Nonprofit since 1963. Mortgage was paid in 1978. Spotlight Children's Theater began in 1996 by Randy Voyer and today Shirley Gilmore directs and has camps. The Tulsa Folk Society has concerts on Friday nights.

Subjects: Patty Ann Shriner Piano School 1929-1932, Richard Mansfield Dickinson's home, Tulsa Little Theater group began melodramas 1953, Holland Hall rented it in 1938-9,Dickinson School of Speech 1942, Georgia Noel as MC, Marna McKay played piano, Carl Janssen was first Joe Morgan, Jere learned backstage production as a teen, Designed by Bruce Goff to look like a "player piano roll" Cheryl Clay painted scenery, Olinka Hardy from Chechoslavakia painted 9 murals, Randy Voyer started the Spotlight Children's Theater with Shirley Gilmore directing camps now, Tulsa Folk Society has Friday night concerts and the Melodrama and Olio are on Saturday nights.

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