Storyteller: Lorretta Bertalot

Interviewer: Lorretta Bertalot

Language: English

Initiative: Tulsans Talk

Description: Don entered WWII as a sailor and was stationed in Guam.. He painted everything on the island and created a hot shower. Don tells about troop ships and troop trains. He describes college on the GI Bill and Fraternity life. Don had a fun career as a landscape architect and draws colored pencil mountain landscapes. Today he is transcribing diaries at Gilcrease as a Gilly volunteer and has one of his pictures archived at the Gilcrease Museum.

Subjects: FDR's speech, Boot camp in the US Navy, Guam, Troop ships, Troop trains, Landscape Architect, Fraternity life, G. I Bill, Lambert Landscape Co., QT, Colored pencil drawings of mountain landscapes, Pierson Gallery, Gilcrease volunteer

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