Storyteller: Logsdon, Phyllis (Landers) and Hawkinson, Tamara (Logsdon)

Interviewer: Bertalot, Lorretta

Date: 11/08/2019

Language: English

Initiative: Tulsans Talk

Description: Guy Logsdon was an author, an investigator, a musician and TU's McFarlin Library Director. He left voluminous reel to reel recordings of interviews, notes, and writings. Many of them were about Woodie Guthrie. Most of Guy's materials are now conserved at the Woody Guthrie Museum. His daughter Tamara is researching and writing the book his material will form. His widow Phyllis tells the stories of meeting and sharing a life with Guy Logsdon. David Carradine and his daughter stayed with the family before the movie "Bound for Glory" was filmed. Guy was a consultant for the movie. They went to Kansas to the Mossman Guitar Co where David his marijuana in a guitar. Many in Woody's family had Huntington's disease and his sister campaigned for research.

Subjects: Guy Logsdon's interviews and notes for research, Woody Guthrie's life, Huntington's Disease, David Carradine and his daughter CCalesta. Mossman Guitar Company, the movie Bound for Glory, the Woody Fest in Okemah, Woodie Guthrie Museum, George Kaiser Foundation, District of Columbia Folklore Festival, Book Worker's Road, Communism

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