Storyteller: Margaret "Tippy" Tippet Hawkins

Interviewer: Lorretta Bertalot

Date: 06/15/2017

Language: English

Initiative: Tulsans Talks

Description: Margaret Hawkins tells of her journey around the country with her husband, Henry Hawkins, M.D, a cardiologist in the Army, When they settled in Tulsa, her children were involved in the Boy and Girl Scouts. In 1971, in order for some of the Girl Scouts in her troop to earn their Gold Award they embarked on a project to canvas and catalog all of the tombstones in Tulsa County that had not been recorded. They canvassed over 40 cemeteries in 1985. The girls' project was ultimately published by the Tulsa Genealogical Society, It is still sold today and is also in the National Archive. Margaret is still involved with the Girl Scouts and is the archivist for the Eastern Council. In addition to the Scouts, Margaret and her husband became very involved in bicycling, golf and photography.

Subjects: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, genealogy, Magic Empire Council, bicycling, Free Wheel, Tulsa Wheelmen, Tulsa Bicycle Club, Tulsa Tough, BMX, Nine Hole Golfers, death records, Henry Hawkins, cemeteries, Nine Hole Golfers, 9-Hole Golfers

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