Storyteller: Bertie Norris Gilbert

Interviewer: James Katigan

Date: 01/18/1972

Language: English

Initiative: Tulsans Talks

Description: Bertie Norris moved to Tulsa when in 1907. She was born in 1894. Her father, John U. Norris and her mother and seven siblings travelled by wagon train to settle near Catoosa. She married John L. Gilbert in 1912. They were farmers and Broken Arrow was their trading post. Their sons Eugene Gilbert and O.J. Gilbert 's education was hard won but they went onto graduate from University of Tulsa and establish careers. Bertie's religion was important to her and she helped keep it in her life.

Subjects: Adams Creek Township, Broken Arrow, Catoosa, Grove, Wagoner, education, religion, cotton farming, World War I, World War II, Victory Garden, molasses,

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