Storyteller: Cooke, Marvin Lee

Interviewer: Bertalot, Lorretta

Date: 01/07/2020

Language: English

Initiative: Tulsans Talk

Description: Marvin Cooke describes the Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry in its inception and development. TMM is an umbrella for many of the facilities and aid available for Tulsans in need. Many people from have donated time, money, planning, and identified needs to be addressed. Sometimes that created new organizations or expanded ones already in existence.

Subjects: Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry, Ailene Baker, Neighbor for Neighbor, Beth MacLand, Tulsa Council of Churches, Youth Services of Tulsa, Meals on Wheels, Life Senior Services, Ecumenical Services, Interracial meetings, Church of Madeline, Tulsa World, Desegregation of Schools, Day Center for Homeless, Mr. Zarrow, Salvation Army, Flood Relief, Federal financial aid, 1976 Mingo Valley Flood, Joe Creek, Sister Sylvia Lukey, Sister Sylvia Schmidt, Doing for others

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