Storyteller: Conway, Gregory Thomas

Interviewer: Bertalot, Lorretta

Date: 03/13/2020

Language: English

Initiative: Tulsans Talk

Description: Greg Conway has been Executive Director and CEO of Tulsa's Boys home for 23 years. He is a former U. S. Marine. Greg got the copyright for Oklahoma Operation Aware and presented drug and alcohol awareness to 6th graders for years. Joe Frates helped raise a One Million Dollar Endowment to pay teachers and invited Nancy Reagan to a fundraising luncheon. Darlene Barrett led a resistance to the program. In 1919 the First Presbyterian Church and Rotary Club opened a boys home during the Spanish Flu in 1918. Today faith based groups still contribute time and money to the Tulsa Boys Home The Mabee Foundation built the original facility on Hwy 51. The Reynolds Foundation contributed $18.6 Million to expand and sustain it.

Subjects: Oklahoma Operation Aware, Joe Frates,, education and experience, History from 1918. First Presbyterian Church and Rotaryt, Reynolds Foundation, Faith based groups

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