Storyteller: Bob Buchanon

Interviewer: Michelle Place

Date: 08/11/2016

Language: English

Description: Michelle Place interviews Bob Buchanon about his family stories of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot.

Subjects: Joseph Piero, 1895, Naples, Italy,New York, Mafia, railroad, Roman Catholic, Black Hand, Marriage, Anna, 1415 E. Hodge (1st Street), Archer & Frankfort, Third & Main, Greenwood, Black Wall Street, 1911, Washington Grade School. Central High School, depression, Signal Services, Longfellow School, 3811 S. Rockford, Eliot Elementary School, Edison Junior & Senior High School, Brookside, Hiram Alexander, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Military Academy, University of Tulsa, Chilicothe, Missouri, Skelly Oil Company, Shippers Car Line, Shell Mining, Houston, Texas, Tulsa, choir, Altar Boy, Sicily, carpenter, builder, plasterer, Interstate 244, African Americans, Central High School Class of 1929,

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