Storyteller: Don Bassett

Interviewer: Lorretta Bertalot

Date: 08/31/2018

Language: English

Description: Don tells Lorretta about his life in Tulsa from the 50's to the present. He also includes stories about his time in the Air Force and living in London.

Subjects: Tick of Time, Reservoir Hill, John Burroughs Elementary, Will Rogers High School, Leon Russell, Anita Bryant, Horace Mann Junior High, S.E. Hinton, Bar Harbor at Grand Lake, Lester family, movie theaters, race riots, gambling in downtown businesses, Doc's Pool Hall, Clark's Department Store, Continental Federal Savings Bank, streetcars, floods of the Arkansas River, Daze at Central High School, US Air Force experiences, National Bank of Tulsa, 1st transfund operation (ATMs), Verizon

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