Storyteller: David Breed

Interviewer: Lorretta Bertalot

Date: 02/01/2018

Language: English

Description: David Breed discusses early oil production in Tulsa and surrounding areas. He also discusses his move to Tulsa and his many roles in service to the Tulsa community.

Subjects: Henry Foster, Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company, Creekology, Red Fork, Sue A. Bland Discovery Well #1, Jesse A. Heydrick, John S. Wick, Dr. J.C.W. Bland, Dr. Fred S. Quinton, Ida Glen Discovery Well #1, Robert Galbraith, Thomas Gilcrease, John Paul Getty, Uncle Sam Refinery, Standard Oil, Texas Company (Texaco), Drake University, University of Chicago, Dan Newby, Council of Churches of Tulsa, Renwick Pope, Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry, Institute for Urban Ministries, Oklahoma Eagle, Western Neighbors Inc., Banks in the Oil Industry

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