Early on Michael and Suzanne Wallis discovered that life was all the richer if it was lived in pursuit of a story

During their travels together and apart, they met storytellers whose lore was irresistible, and have savored every detail. As the Wallis’s learned lessons in history, it was the little oddity here and there that caught their attention and brought the past to life. They describe how many times they followed their urge to go the extra step or take the curious detour, knowing that in so doing they would be gathering fodder for stories of their own. Michael and Suzanne have been relentless in their quest and by listening to wisdom keepers, seeking history’s secrets, and turning their own lives into an adventure, they have acquired a rich collection of souvenirs, both tangible and intangible.

To learn more, please visit Michael Wallis’s website at www.michaelwallis.com

Tulsa Historical Society & Museum
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