As the 20s roared to an end so did the optimism, prosperity, and technological advancements that were enjoyed by many during the decade

The 1930s was instead a decade of bad luck. A series of calamities all collided to set up the worst economic downturn in American history. In northeastern Oklahoma, even the ever-reliable petroleum business fell apart.

Tulsa was plagued with the same problems seen across the country during the 30s: not enough jobs, failing businesses and banks, labor disputes, and no support system for those in need. Through it all, life went on. Tulsans made the best of what they had and implemented projects to help others. This exhibit showcases the stories and objects of the everyday people, places, and events that made up Tulsa during the 1930s. Visitors will enjoy artifacts, images, and sounds from the decade including clothing, toys, household furnishings, business items, and even a Model A Ford and drug store soda fountain.

NOW CLOSED – Open 2014-2015

Tulsa Historical Society & Museum
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